What about Singapore these days ?

A website called `Where on Earth’ that focussed on travel, natural wonders, culture, arts etc worldwide had posted an article about Singapore so as to prepare first time travellers about some `shocking’ habits, traits or culture that they may encounter. You can check out the article claiming “10 things you should know about Singapore”.

I have also discovered that Singapore has increased in size (literally) from 581 to 761 square km, this was due to reclamation efforts that started way, way back in the 70s. To help visualise the land space we have per person currently, it is 1/50 of a football field per person. So anyone can understand why our infrastructure is so vertically inclined upwards and downwards.

Our population has risen steadily to 5.47m in mid 2014 and a local news article stated it was the slowest population growth in a decade.. but in 2004 the population was 4.17m which means a rise of 1.3m in 10 years (article link here).

So when people share stuff about traits or culture of another country, it is good to know a little deeper about the situation, history and stuff that shaped the nation or people and perhaps, it would not be as `shocking’ as it seems.