I wanted to use writing as a means to share and care and it has been at the back of my mind for a few years on how to go about doing it. In August 2014, it clicked as I decided to stop thinking or wondering and start doing. The hows and whys will always be there even when I have already begun writing. The world, the news and many articles online are often depressing and negative. There is a need to reflect and have more love, peace and joy in our hearts. I hope to bring more of these here.

As an Instructional Designer, learning and how people learn have been something I feel strongly about so I have one category on learning to input resources and pointers just for this purpose.

The category on relationships are about my experiences growing up and how family and friends played a major role in my formative years. Another category on christianity is about how God has worked in my life and revealing truths; through meditating on His word, I was touched and taught many valuable lessons and I hope it will help others too.