About Learning

This is my first blog under this category and I decided to use this personal blogsite to let people discover more about learning as it is my role as an Instructional Designer to do so. They just need to click on this learning tab to find out more (if they stray to the other tabs, it’s fine since this blog is open to public).

Learning is personal as each of us are different and we learn in our own ways. This is because learning is a choice we make everyday to absorb, believe or pursue something in our lives.

As instructional designers today, we are constantly unlocking the mystery of how people learn. There are several reasons for this situation and I will share two:

  1. The advent of the internet was a turning point towards something unprecedented and has impacted almost everything with society at a global scale, information became thoroughly accessible.
  2. In recent years, the influences of the social media and mobile technology have shaped new generation learners in a way far different from what we thought we know.

What does this mean for us instructional designers?

A more challenging learning environment and a more exciting one too. This would mean the learning will never stop (keeps evolving) when it comes to designing materials that will help people learn effectively and the learners will stand to gain even more than ever before.

It is all about the learners!