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Another great read for those who wish to seek God’s will for their lives…


So.. the big question for this series of posts, “what has God called you to be?” This question has to do with “specific” callings. Refer to my previous post if you want to know about “general” callings. Here, I want to offer a few steps we can take to discern the call of God on our individual lives at specific points in time. As you read these pointers, I want to caution that these pointers should be taken in totality. Do not take one point which seems to direct you in one particular direction and then ignore all the other pointers, because those other pointers may collectively point you in another direction!

#1: PRAY
This step cannot be stressed upon enough. PRAY. And I don’t mean just talking. LISTEN. Learn to listen to the voice of God. We may not all hear God in the same fashion, but as children…

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