ring! ring! -partthree

A good read for those who are seeking God… part 3


Pursuant to my previous post, the question I left us with is – what has God called us to be? Or more specifically, what has God called you to be? In this post, I hope to offer some clarity to these questions. However, I humbly ask you to take what I present here with a pinch of salt, because I too am still on this journey of faith, and have yet to figure everything out. That being said, let’s talk a bit about the first question. 

What has God called us to be? This is not a difficult question. But before I go into it, I want to first differentiate between what we call “general” calling and “specific” calling. This is the crucial difference between the two questions I have highlighted. “General” calling refers to God’s call for every person. It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, black or…

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