Not so Subtle the Environment

For those who wants to know/see more about Nepal from blogger based there.

rfljenksy - Practicing Simplicity

Well, hello!! I have been trying to write this blog now for quite some time.  Each time I try I get distracted by one of the 270 aftershocks we have had since the initial 7.8 earthquake on April 26, During what appeared to be a quiet time we had either a new quake or a very large after shock of 7.4.

Updates on Quakes in Nepal

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It has been a devastating time for Nepal and many are without safe homes to go to and are sleeping in fields outside their house in tent cities that have popped up all over.


The damage is real and it is seen nearly everywhere.

And yet the damage is not nearly as bad as had been predicted for the past 10 years so that is the good news.  The prediction was that the airport would shut down, several areas of the valley would collapse and…

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