A few small fish and 7 loaves

The people gathered to listen to Jesus and actually stayed on in that desolate place to be with him. It was not just for one evening like when he was with the 5000 but for 3 whole days and they also had no food to eat. Jesus told his disciples that he had compassion for them and if they were sent back in this state, they may faint along the way. This time, the people numbered about 4000.

The disciples responded to Jesus by questioning how in such a desolate place and with just some bread can they feed the multitudes. Jesus asked how many loaves do they have and they replied 7. Somehow they also had a few small fish. Jesus again gave thanks and blessed what was available and fed the 4000 till they were satisfied and they collected 7 baskets full of leftovers.

Few Fish and 7 Loaves

What’s up with the 12 grown up disciples again? I thought not too long ago, they witnessed the 5000 being fed with not only less than what they had but with 1000 lesser mouths to feed.

Were they troubled about giving the little food they had? With the 5000 people, they were considering the cost of feeding them which was 200 days worth of wages and obviously they do not have the means.

What are our considerations?

– Mark 8:1-10


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