2 fish and 5 loaves

People from all the towns wanted to see and hear Jesus, as they heard of miracles and healing taking place wherever he went so they pursued and followed him wherever he went. Jesus and his disciples needed to eat and rest so he asked them to go by boat to a remote place to find rest as the people kept coming to them non stop.

They headed for a desolate place but Jesus saw the people running towards their direction. He felt compassion for the multitudes and decided to go ashore to spend time teaching them. It was getting dark and the disciples were worried as the people had a long way to go back from where they came and they had not eaten. Jesus then asked his disciples to give them something to eat.

His 12 disciples were baffled as to how to feed 5000 people in a desolate place with little or no money or food on hand. So they questioned Jesus for giving them such an impossible task. Jesus then asked them to find what food they can get and they presented him with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, perhaps to show how ridiculous it was to even consider this as an option to feed the people.


Well, most of us would already know that the 5000 were fed with these 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. It has been and still is a famous bible story often told to children. Why children? Is it because they were gullible enough to believe this was possible? Is it because it was such a fantastic and amazing story? I believe this is appealing to children as it was a simple and an amazing miracle story like many other great miracle stories from the old testament. As a grown up, I reflect on whether I truly believe this when I read it now.

Well, the 12 grown up disciples obviously did not until they witnessed it happening. So the 5000 were fed with what they had and the leftovers from the crowd filled 12 baskets! I wondered whether it was meant to show the disciples a basket of leftover each as a post testimony of the miracle that had just taken place as if it was not enough that they had already seen it before their eyes point blank.

This is remarkable because his disciples had previously witnessed Jesus healing many blind, deaf and sick people and cast out demons, but had found it hard to obey or follow his instructions to feed 5000 people when they had little or no means to do so.

Have we been finding it hard too?

– Mark 6:30-44


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