There’s a time for everything, even Grief

Tomorrow, 29 March 2015 will be the State funeral for Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. It will be an unprecedented experience for the nation. The last 6 days of paying tributes and last respects have also been an unprecedented experience for the people to mourn the loss of its great leader.


The spirit of unity and outpouring of grief and appreciation of the multitides for this great man was overwhelming, comforting and yet, heart breaking.

When I think of how my late grandmother and father, and my mother suffered hardships through the 2nd World War lacking in food, without education or jobs, yet able to eke out a livelihood to eventually raise children like me, I am grateful they were in Singapore.

I thank God for putting great leaders like Mr Lee Kuan Yew to lead this small country to where it is today and have a community of various cultures, race and religion to grow and live in peace.

I miss my grandmother and father dearly and think of them often. I have grieved over losing them more than ten years ago and celebrate their lives and the impact they had on me and my family through making Photobooks about them and many blog posts on experiences growing up with them. They have given much of their lives to the family and we will cherish memories of them always, gratefully.

To give one’s life for a country is a noble cause and often regarded as heroic when it comes to saving lives or in battle. I wonder what it should be regarded as when it involved toiling tirelessly and selflessly, in and out of the country, for several decades to see a nation rise from almost nothing to call their own and make a significant mark in the global arena.

I have cried and will cry for the loss of our great leader. We wish his family will find comfort and peace during this painful period. After this grieving period, I will look forward to celebrate his life well lived and pray that Singapore will continue to be blessed with good leaders and good people who will strive to love the country over self.