This Silly Little Thing Called Love

As I read a recent post from a series of postings by my niece and seeing The Daily Post’s writing prompt’s “I Want to Know What Love Is.”, this post is made.

The series written by my niece was titled “this silly little thing called love” and you can see the latest post here.

The perspective of someone more than 20 years younger, made me realise that love knows no boundaries to age, gender, race, color or creed, including the knowledge and learning from it. For those who choose to love, they may be scarred, burned, scorned or choked but they may also experience or learn about forgiveness, healing, mercy, grace, friendship, humanity and what really matters and what don’t.

A very old song rung in my head when the title of the prompt was read. It was “To know him is to love him”. Although this does not seem to flow with what was said earlier…. does love always flow that way?

[In response to daily prompt : “I Want to Know What Love Is.”]