What is it about humans and pets…

I have shared a couple of times about the pets in my life and each of them have a story to tell just like any individuals we call human. You can read about my first decision on owning a dog called Patchy here. Here’s a photo of him and his sister, Jaimie who joined us a couple of months later:

Jaimie and Patchy

Jaimie and Patchy

Well, I had trouble introducing Patchy to the family as there were already numerous birds at home where some visitors commented that my house was like the Jurong bird park. So when I was told about Jaimie’s plight of not being look after well by a wealthy buyer whom the seller wanted to `rescue’ from. She asked me whether I could take Jaimie in at no cost. It was not the cost that bothered me, it was because I may need to find a new home for myself if I brought in another dog. So Jaimie was fostered to some of my friends for a couple of weeks here and there before she was finally introduced and accepted in the house. She had several medical issues to attend to before she was able to run around happily as a healthy dog.

You can see the difference in size between the two dogs even though they were from the same litter! So Jaimie did suffer in her early life but was rescued in time to lead a rather long 18 years! Ironically, Patchy had to leave us unexpectedly when he was just 10 years old (read the story link provided earlier).

Another dog was introduced to our family a few years after Jaimie and Patchy were with us and he was called Rusty, a wire-hair fox terrier (see photo below):



Again, an owner had no time to look after him and left it with my family after having him for less than a year. Sometimes, I thought my home had become a shelter for abandoned pets. It was sad that Rusty could not have a longer life as he developed serious skin problems. Especially dogs with this type of coat would not go well in Singapore’s climate and our house was not air-conditioned. He eventually succumbed to kidney failure around the  age of seven.

I am sharing this as we need to ponder and reflect on how we treat animals or pets in our lives. Hope we can do better as carers of this earth and all that is in it while we can.


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