A mother’s love is shown by a dog

I decided to post this encounter which showed us humans how another creature looks after their young. I was with my god brother and his older brother and sister at a large canal at the north eastern coast of Singapore. While we were there fishing, we observed that the opposite side of the canal was a restricted area and there were obvious signage and billboards to WARN us as you can see in the photo below:


A canal near the sea off Sembawang.

It really made me wonder whether they will shoot you if you entered that area and it looked deserted. After a short while, we observed there were dogs loitering at the opposite side and there was a dog with 5 puppies which stood under that large sign for awhile and then they went away. They looked like beagles but we know they were strays and wondered how they survived at the other side. I wondered whether they might get shot or whether there was anyone at all to feed them.

About an hour later, we saw a man on a bicycle who came by from our side of the canal and he started to look across to the other side and rang his bicycle bell loudly several times. Soon, the dog we saw earlier with her puppies emerged to look at the man who waved a plastic bag at her and gestured for her to come. We were all thinking this man was crazy as how would you expect the poor dog to get the bag which we assumed was food for the dog. We stared at him and murmured among ourselves that this man was cruel to do this. We were wondering what other ways could the food be sent across to these poor doggies and imagined using the fishing rods to cast the bags across to the other side. Of course it would be impossible unless our rods had bazooka ability as you can see the great distance across the canal from the photo below:

Distance dog has to swim (2)

So we emphatised with the man’s effort to help the dogs since we ourselves felt helpless about these dogs well being. Then suddenly, we saw the dog whom I would refer to as Mama dog from hereon, started going along the canal to be directly across where the man had placed the plastic bag and started to swim across the canal towards it (the arrow in the above photo was near where she swam). You need to be a strong swimmer to cross this canal as the waves and current were quite strong. This Mama dog just swam across, went up to our side where the bag was and then ate a piece of bread that was inside the bag. Then she carried the bag in her mouth and then swam back to the opposite side with the bag in her mouth above the water and then went towards her puppies behind the bushes. We heard some squeals believed to be the puppies fighting over the food and we felt pity for them and thought that one small bag of food may not be enough for all of them. You can see Mama dog bringing the bag of food to her puppies after she managed to swim across and head back to them.

Dog feed puppies 2

Well, we were moved by the courage of Mama dog and her dedication to her puppies. Our fishing was lack lustre but we enjoyed the time we had and my god brother said that this encounter with Mama dog made the day special and I agreed with him. As we packed our gear and walked back to our ride, we realised the man had again summoned Mama dog to come over for another bag of food. So our walk back would pass by where Mama dog would pick up her next bag of food. Yes, Mama dog had to swim across AGAIN to get this second bag! We were already amazed the first time she had to swim across and it was tiring just to watch and yet she came back for the second bag. When she emerged to our side of the canal to where the food was, we saw that she was quite frail and lactating but she seemed determined to get the bag and she quickly took the bag and swam back towards her puppies again.

Two of her five puppies followed her to the point where she swam across to take the food and one of them wanted to swim and submerged its paws in the water. We were so afraid for the puppy who was still small and we do not think he or she could make it due to the strong current but fortunately, it did not happen. I was quite a distance away but I managed to take both a photo and a short video of Mama dog bringing the second bag of food back to her puppies as you can see in the following photo:

Dog feed puppies 1

And here’s the video clip which I hope will give you a glimpse of this courageous Mama dog :


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