Beautiful Singapore

I realised that I may have over emphasised the size (both geographic and demographic) of my country that may be perceived as something that I may not be too happy about. My apologies as this is not true. I love my country and am grateful for having lived all my life in this precious part of the world.

Today, I took a stroll along the east coast which is a walking distance from my home and it has been a long time since I did this as I have been too busy the past year…  yes, you heard it right. It’s almost a year since I had this opportunity to go for a stroll like this. Here’s a glimpse of what greeted me:




I was refreshed by the scenery, the fresh coastal air and the sun rays. It was a beautiful, sunny morning.

When I was about to reach home from the stroll, a neighbouring block had a small garden created by the community from around that area. It was purely a community effort to transform what was just an open area to a luscious garden.



So not only am I proud to be a Singaporean living in Singapore, I am proud of my small neighbourhood that makes time to beautify and green our many nooks and corners around the high rise estate. It is really making the best of what we have and cherishing simple pleasures of life that brings peace and respite for many residents.


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