Our minds are engineered towards the negative…

Ted Talks is one of my favourite youtube sites that I would go to for inspiration or just to know more about the latest inventions, innovations or issues. This particular talk was about how our minds tend to get stuck on negative stuff and several studies and research have shown this sad condition or tendency. You can check out this ten minute sharing here: Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck).

I really like the part about how we tend to talk amongst our friends about our day at school or work that was either challenging, horrible or unpleasant. In other words, we often complain or rant about our day with our friends and family. If anyone of our friends, spouse, parent or sibling was to share something wonderful or great and go on about how good the day has been, that would be considered odd or a rarity. We may even feel the fella’s forehead or check whether he or she had taken anything wrong.

The good news is, we can change this thought pattern. We don’t need to get stuck in the negatives as much as it may be a comfort zone for some (sadly). We can turn this around by having the `discipline’ to work towards considering what good that has happened that day (perhaps after saying so much about how bad it was). I used the word discipline as it takes some conscious effort on our part to do this. Some people would refer this to being grateful for each day or learning to see the good, the blessings or smelling the roses along the way… whatever way that will help us turn from that negative rut.

What’s the benefit? I prefer to be smiling and be less burdened by the experiences a day may bring and being in a negative state that makes you feel stressed, depressed or dull from it, is not what I want or like to be. How about you?