Gifts with Heart – Notebook for the mind

I just had a dinner outing with 3 good friends and the food was tremendous as you can see:


Although it’s not Christmas yet, we ended exchanging gifts after the dinner when we adjourned to one of the girl’s apartment. It was interesting as none of us mentioned that we would be bringing gifts but somehow everyone brought gifts for each other. This was both amazing and cool! We were so into opening the gifts once we exchanged them as we were eager to see the response from our recipient. Generally, the gifts were inexpensive but the thought that went into it were precious and meaningful. We were all happily appreciating each other’s gifts and our spirits were high.

I will share a photo of one of the gifts that has my favourite people featured:


Although it had half of 2014 gone by (I can use that space to scribble notes as I like to scribble now and then), I appreciate the notebook as it has an important reminder for what really matters in life. It is truly not about winning. It has something to do with stopping to smell the roses, enjoying the scenery, cease striving, appreciating people around you, listening and observing more.

Another reason why I appreciate notebooks is that it will take me away from electronic devices for a bit as somehow, it has become quite dominant or I should say, we are too dependent on it. Let’s see whether this is true when I endeavour to use the notebook to pen my thoughts and ideas instead of using the mobile device or pc. Of course I will still need to use the electronic devices for work and other matters. So, I shall observe for withdrawal symptoms when I start using the notebook. I will share in a couple of weeks time the findings (fingers crossed).

Well, I will be leaving to China tomorrow morning to visit an old friend for almost a week so it is unlikely that I will have access to WP… I will share more about the trip when I get back, Meanwhile, have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!


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  1. Hi Teresa! I love notebooks too. Wonderful post. Looks like I just caught you in time… I have just nominated you for ‘A Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. You don’t have to do anything about it if you don’t want to. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Here’s my post about it (where you can also find the rules in case you want to accept)…

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