Crossroads or Intersection

This is where in life’s journey you head in another path. It is not the opposite direction but it will be a different terrain, obstacles, temperature, weather and so on (metaphorically speaking). I can’t help linking stuff to nature trails or treks 🙂 The schedule has changed and the routine has shifted to something I have yet to put my feet on the ground on but it is happening even as I type.

I am grateful for getting through this stage or phase but at the same time, am wondering what lies ahead as the view is not as clear as I wished it to be. Nevertheless, I am hopeful for another adventurous, fruitful and meaningful journey and look forward to strengthening bonds with family and friends that I meet face to face, as well as family and friends I meet in cyber space.

Most of all, I am thankful to God for seeing and carrying me through this journey and letting me realise how much more I need to trust and desire His will and plan for me. As much as I hope to bless others, I know it would not be possible without God’s love and grace in my life.

So here’s to a new page 🍺


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