Recently Acquired – Confessions of a blogger wanabe

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

  • That it can be addictive.
It can be like other social media out there such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that causes one to be gripped by the hive of activity that goes on 24/7. There seems to be a sort of narcissistic element which pulls you in to check on the status regularly. Another condition would be solipsism where you can be self-absorbed in trying to bring out the posts everyday.
  • That you require self-discipline.
To be constantly aware of the possibility of becoming self-absorbed to forget the purpose of blogging and being involved with the community that thrive in this sphere.
So… not to kid myself or get caught up with I, me and myself, I need to constantly reflect on the purpose of blogging and not lose focus. It is the same when spending time with friends where you get caught up with talking about yourself or your problems so much that you forget that your friends need `air time’ or may be in greater need… that there may be more important matters to talk about than the latest gossip or dress or shoe. We need to have balance, to stop and smell the roses, to cherish laughter and tears, family and friendships.
I pray that I will be part of the healthy, helpful and caring blogging community.
Recently Acquired – DP

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