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When was the last time you took a risk (big or small), and pushed your own boundaries — socially, professionally, or otherwise? Were you satisfied with the outcome?

These DPs have been making me write quite a lot about myself and I am pretty tired of it and can’t begin to imagine how tiring it would be for those who follow my posts. So I will talk about someone else I know who had pushed the boundary which many, including myself would not want to think about or dare venture to.

She had all the promising qualities to make it big in the commercial sector and would be sought after by professional agencies for her people skills and good looks. She was holding a position at a high level job at the public sector when she made the decision to cross that boundary.

She left her comfort zone, her home and other possessions to be a helper at an orphanage in a cold part of China near the North Korean border. It was not an ordinary orphanage but one where babies, young children and teenagers were abandoned by their parents or families due to their disabilities and at times, their impoverished state.

I admired her compassion and sacrifice to do this and she said that it was what God had put in her heart to do. After a few years, she could not manage to continue her work there due to visa issues, so she returned home.

The needs are always greater. Who will cross that boundary next?

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  1. First, I am not tired of hearing about you 🙂 (I also feel like I am talking about myself a lot in my blogs — but I actually do talk about myself a lot, unfortunately for my family members.) You write about your experiences in such a way that they are interesting to me; I also love geography, so I like hearing about Singapore, etc.

    Second, what a story! It is impressive when someone walks away from a career to serve others humbly.

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