Cue the Violins? No, the guitars :)

If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?

Suddenly the music of `Bonanza’ plays in my head. Strange huh? For those who have not heard of this Western TV series, hope the following clip will help you recall and for those who passed this era, you may take a peek at the wild, wild west of TV with this short clip:

When I was a child, my family spent time watching such western TV series and it was far from today’s western movies or TV series which are mostly filled with lonesome and violent cowboys and cowgirls out to eradicate the whole town or genre altogether. It’s really sad.

Anyway, I would like this original soundtrack and the storyline as well, as it was one of the most family oriented cowboy series ever. They had adventures, fun and lots of family bonding in each episode and my growing up years was like that in my kampung (village), loads of adventure and fun with family and neighbours. Even though we separated from our neighbours since 1979 due to rehousing, we are very much in touch till today and meet up once in a while for meals or fishing.

The key instrument on the soundtrack was the electric guitar which is perfect as guitars were very popular amongst us kampung people. See, even a photo of a mountain climbing trip (Gunung Tahan) in early 1990s required us to bring a guitar along:


A photo grab of a trip to Gunung Tahan.

So I must say, life is a Bonanza!

Cue the Violins – DP


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  2. I watched a lot of “Bonanza” re-runs in the early 90s b/c TV options were limited at that financially strapped time: if you grew up with that Cartwright camaraderie, then someone always had your back 🙂 Enjoyed the throwback picture.

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