Good Tidings

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Hi there! It’s really good to see you and my, you look 10kg (22pounds) lighter. Oh, now I recall, it’s not a good sign after all because something is out of whack with your endocrine system. Let me cut to the chase about this. You will face one of the most challenging times of your life to battle against hyperthyroidism. It sounds grave because it is also known as Graves disease. Your weight loss was due to this and not because of your regular physical exercise. Your heart rate is at a jogger’s pace even when you were asleep and you thought you were having perimenopause symptoms with your constant hot flashes and sweating at night.

The Endocrinologist, the specialist that you will be referred to by your GP will work on a heavy thyroid medication regime as well as heart medication to slow down the rate. This is to arrest the situation as quickly as possible and then adjust the meds as you progress. Another challenge is the frequent drawing of blood for the test each time you visit the doctor where they poke the needle at your inner elbow area to take several tubes of blood until they could not find a suitable vein to do it again. That’s when they take it from the back of your hand which is more painful. REMEMBER, the doctor somehow will try to tell you that it’s not working out as well as expected especially when they check your blood test results. 18 months was supposed to be the duration of treatment for the carbimazole meds but it stretched to 24 months. You must insist they try to tweak the meds to make it work somehow and not let them have their way of wanting to surgically remove the thyroid or kill it in another way. Persevere and you will overcome it by God’s grace and power.

When your thyroid has stabilised and the doctor had to discharge you as all is back to normal, you will look like me in terms of weight and size and will be able to start exercising and eating better without fear of getting out of whack again. Then the rewarding part comes when you start looking for opportunities to study and take up courses to broaden your mind and widen your view about what you want to do or be in the future. In fact as I am telling you at this point, you would already achieve one professional certificate, one professional diploma, one advance academic diploma and be enroute to a double major degree by end of this year. Just REMEMBER not to give up and to enjoy the journey and process along the way.

Based on what was already mentioned, it sounds daunting and a really tough road ahead. No that’s not quite accurate as fun is equally important to stay sane and to keep you alive. God gives us grace and power to face the challenges which are rewarding as well but He also gives us joy in living abundantly. The fun part is the interplay of relationships you have and build along the way and the travels to different parts of the world to enjoy its beauty and explore culture and nature. It is the collection of all these experiences at various points of your journey that makes it the most enriching and fun part.

It’s taking the time to reflect when the river of life flows!

Good Tidings -DP