Oil, Meet Water

Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along?

Her name is Linda and she is 6 years older. It was very clear when I came into the same family that I was far different from her or anybody else in the family.

She would wear dresses and had long hair with a pony tail when she was growing up.

I was in shorts and t-shirts, with short hair most of the time and this has remained unchanged. I will never wear a skirt unless it was a uniform or formal event that required it. I don’t recall owning a dress!

My sister wears dresses or skirts with blouses, ladies shoes and carry ladies handbags.

I wear mainly jeans or pants with quirky t-shirts or blouses with collar as my neck is too long to wear those wide-necked blouses. I wear ladies shoes on official or formal events and I don’t own a ladies handbag. So I love sandals or slip on shoes that are comfy or better still, sneakers. I carry sling bags or knapsacks.

She’s married with kids.

I’m single with cats.

We had difficulty adjusting to each other’s company until I learnt to talk properly. We became closer when I was in my late teens. Yes, prior to that I was more like a `jungle’ girl who only knows how to grunt and run around playing with the village kids my age, creating a ruckus. I think until puberty started to kick in, and reason entered my thick head that I started to hold a proper conversation. Alas, my sister could understand my gibberish banter.

Since then, we have been close and the bond between us is a gift from God and I will always cherish her. Her family is really blessed to have her as she is so precious, patient and lovely. Although oil and water don’t mix, they can be together in the same vessel that will never break.


Oil, Meet Water – DP