Return Address

Yesterday, your pet could read your post. Today, they can write back. Write a post from their point of view.

Dear youngest in the family,

Don’t be sad and tell everyone at home not to be sad by what happened to me. It was none of your fault. I wish I could tell Grandma, Papa and Mom that I love them very much for all they have done for me. They really blessed me by feeding, bathing and bringing me for walks all the time and I am grateful always.

You were growing up, started work and had lesser time for me but you were the one who chose to bring me to your home and for that I am ever grateful. You liked to irritate me a lot by teasing me whenever you come home so I became grumpier over the years.

Thankfully you rescued Jamie, my sister, from another owner who could not take care of her. It was good I had another family member with me but most people thought we were not related because Jamie was scrawny and black and I was plump and white. It doesn’t matter what people thought as long as we were together and happy.

Just remember next time you have any pets, make sure you look after them responsibly for life and not for a season or fashion as I see many of them with me with painful stories like that. You take care and I love you as always 🙂


Return Address – DP