Pace Oddity

I choose to speed up this month till 13 December when all my course assignments and exams are over so I can move on to another phase in my life. It has been a long one and a half years of toiling and the song “I want to break free!” keeps ringing in my ear during this ardous journey. Initially, my thoughts were on enjoying the process but when the gruelling schedule kicked in, everything within me just yelled, “Get it over and done with already!” It was a situation where you have committed to something that you were told or rather sold was doable but once you started on the programme, it was quite a different thing altogether. A part time course on a full day schedule was what was ‘sold’ to me and since it was contractual, I had to bite the bullet and go.

By God’s grace I have come to the last one and a half months to finish this race and I will reflect on what this journey has been and done to me and will share on this blog soon. 43 days may seem far away for some of us but if you think of it as solitary confinement, it can make a person lose his mind, body and soul. That’s why I yearn to speed it up till it’s over. Sigh, I know it will not be possible and it was merely wishful thinking. So, I shall press on towards that goal and run the race. It shall be done by amazing grace alone.

Pace Oddity – DP – If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that normally drags on, which would you choose, and why?


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  1. I can completely understand what you’re going through! My husband is gettin his Masters, and he and I feel the same as you do on this subject! On the other hand, the time that simply flies by as we raise our two boys, that time we often wish we could slow down or even STOP! 🙂

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