In Retrospect

I see people writing about crabs, I mean Cancer, and mine is supposed to be a scorpion which they gave a retro name Scorpio. The interesting thing about these two creatures is their weapons. Both have two in front called pincers, the other has an extra sting at the end of its tail which is the most dangerous. Oops! Am supposed to write a horoscope but it does sounds like horror scope so I ventured into creeping and dangerous creatures like crabs and scorpions. Come on, it’s Halloween right?

Oh, alright.

“You will face some trying situations in the course of your work. There will be cross roads where you need to make decisions which will affect the months ahead. Remember not to loose your patience and avoid getting involved in empty chatter with colleagues. This will help you focus on the important decisions you need to make. Rest more and eat well to keep healthy and alert to face the challenges. You will go through this well and make good decisions as you follow this. The months ahead will be better.”

So there.

In Retrospect – DP – Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today, write your own horoscope — for the past month.