Ready, Set, Done (5) – Gibberish

Already I have problems with people who just talk continuously because they wanted to avoid the silence or what they term `awkward’ silence when with a group. Perhaps they thought it was to do the group a favour by filling the void with `hot’ air? This happens usually with groups of people who were not very familiar with each other. What we sometimes call, acquaintances, associates or even colleagues. Seldom it will be good friends (unless they all prefer to chatter continuously and mindlessly).

This prompt is letting us do the same except it’s in words (text) and it’s like gibberish. Not sure whether there is anything productive in doing this. Is WP thinking that this is like what singers had to `lah lah lah lah’, `do re mi fa so’ before they begin singing their sonatas or whatever? Ten minutes of it will make them sing flawlessly?

So I shall assume that after this ten minutes, I will be able to get on with an epic novel about an Imaginary Friend who used ten minutes of his time to get ready, set himself up for success and when it’s done, he can try for a Grand Slam which WP will relentlessly pursue its Circuitous Path of this prompt again 😦

Ready, Set, Done 5 – DP – Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).


4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Done (5) – Gibberish

  1. I’d rather take this prompt as, “Here’s the opportunity to choose your own subject rather than have us tell you what to write about.” (But then I’m one of those people who hate to sit in a room with half a dozen others and we’re all just staring at each other, no one knowing where to start.)


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