Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

“Why is uncle in box and wearing a suit? Why is everyone looking so sad and solemn?” The thoughts than ran through my mind when I was about 10 years old. No one really explained to me about my uncle whom I saw wasting away in hospital due to stomach cancer. He was less than half his size before he passed away. Strangely, although I had seen death, it didn’t cross my mind that I was not immortal.

It must be due to the few earlier experiences that made me unable to link to this event. When I was 7 or 8 years old, I loved to play by the beach and swim near the shore with my cousins. They all had some kind of tube or float around their waist or arms but I ventured further without one and was caught under a strong wave. I recalled being under the sea and the water churning and swirling above my head. It was rather quiet. Suddenly, I was pulled up and out of the water by the hair! It was my aunt who was still holding me up by the hair in front of her and she was scolding me words I can’t hear and was frantically waving a finger at my face. I was coughing water out from my mouth and was trying to breathe.

Another time was when I was perhaps 9 years old when I climbed up my grandmother’s cabinet to drink what I thought was a potion that she took to make her strong so I wanted to be strong. I drank what would be considered 2 shots of brandy, I think it was a Remy Martin. Of course later it would cause the whole family to go berserk calling a doctor about what to do with a super red faced little girl that can hardly talk or walk.  Yes the doctor ordered a water parade and then wait and see if I would survive which I did after a huge barf.

So, when did I know I was not immortal? When I grew up and some fun got lost along the way. It’s not that I want to be immortal, it’s the fun of not realising you are but a mortal 😂.

Finite Creatures – DP


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  2. You said exactly what I thought. My Grandpa died when I was four, I’m not sure I totally understood death, I didn’t see him in the casket, I was told he went to sleep for a long time. And when I knew that other things died, like dead animals, or the neighbor-kids’ dad, I still didn’t think about the fact that someday, I would join them all. It wasn’t until I saw someone my own age, dead, then I realized with brutal reality, that I could die at any time.

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