Fourth Wall

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.

I realised that as I get older, my imaginative and day dreaming days had become extinct. To do this prompt, I need to bring back my childhood memories as that was really the time where imagination and day dreaming were common place.

The movies that my dad brought me were all that he loved to watch but I don’t think many people would think well of him that he chose to bring his little girl to watch what was regarded as violent movies then. They were moslty chinese kungfu movies. I loved it and from then on, I became a fan of chinese martial arts and especially Bruce Lee movies at that time. Among Bruce Lee’s few movies due to his untimely demise, the one that I would like to spend the day inside would be “The Fist of Fury”. Strangely the movie was called `The Chinese Connection’ in the western parts of the world. At that time, the plot of most chinese kungfu movies would involve the evil or hated Japanese invasion so usually the cruel and evil dictators would be some Japanese general or ruler. This movie was about a kungfu school that was destroyed due to the Japanese rule and Bruce Lee’s master was `killed’ in the process of protecting the school. So it was really dramatic when Bruce who was overseas, came back to find the school destroyed and his master dead. So he sought revenge against all those involved and soon one by one, the evil Japanese and their conspirators were knocked off their socks by him.


A screen grab of the final scene of the movie

The day I chose is the last day at the last scene. This was where he executed his legendary flying kick that propelled him to kungfu stardom and no one else had managed to fit in his shoes. No gimmicks, camera tricks or dreamworks involved, a real superhero. That’s how I felt watching the movie for the first few times 🙂 He actually did this kick towards a line of policemen who were aiming at him with their guns. Remember, he had killed all the Japanese soldiers and conspirators who were ruling that town and the police (who were controlled by the Japanese even though they were chinese) were fearful of him. So the movie ended with this scene freezing at this stage and the sound of all the guns going off (meaning he was shot dead). On another note, won’t those people at the background get shot when frightened policemen shoots at a flying man? Ok nevermind… let’s move on to what I would be there for. Well, I will be one of the policemen and would have swapped all the bullets of my colleagues with blanks and the scene would end with Bruce Lee landing safely from his flight and running away escaping to another place where there will be a sequel blockbuster called “The Fist of Fury – The Rise of the Fourth Wall”.

Fourth Wall – DP