Reverse Shot

What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene — from the other person’s perspective.

Surprisingly, I just posted about my late father in the last DP and what better way than to turn it around now.

This sentence took awhile as I never really thought about how my dad looked at me during those times spent together. I am the youngest of the 3 children and perhaps, the most mischievious. So here’s what I think he thought of me:

This little rascal needs to be taught to do many things to keep her occupied, if not she will get into trouble with all the neighbourhood kids. Always running around and playing with them. I can see that they all have trouble keeping up with her and had to take turns to play with her as it was too tiring to keep entertaining her…. (me talking now – I can’t help it if I was a hyperactive kid).

I have taught her how to keep birds as pets, by showing her how to clean their cages daily, putting them into their bath-time cages, sunning them, cutting fruits and catching grasshoppers to give as treats and the art of making bird feeds. So far she has been faithfully doing all that was taught quite well. I have also taught her how to listen to their tone to differentiate the male from female as only the male ones had more melody and were suited for competition. Yes, these birds were also able to take part in singing contests organised by the community centres or bird clubs. Here’s a photo of the bird known as white-eyed sparrow, in its cage for bathing time and for show off:



I even let her join the neighborhood karate club although she was still too small and young. This was so that she will be tired out enough to go to sleep at night and not create trouble for the family or neighbors. She is my little rascal and the apple of my eye and I am really proud of her.

(And I am the most blessed daughter in the world to have a dad like you :))

Reverse Shot – DP


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