Unequal Terms

Post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

Life is so unfair!

This is such a common statement that I think many if not all of us have used or said it at some point of our life and perhaps, in more ways than we should.

To encounter inequality or unfairness on a daily basis is a norm… so this prompt is normal. I’m ok with that. The way we face such encounters in our daily life is what really matters. It makes the difference between love and hate, patience and anger, compassion and apathy, joy and despair or the all popular positivity and negativity. The choices we make in facing such encounters would determine it. In other words, it is up to us

There are so many factors and subjectivity in this that seeking a solution is ridiculous… so let’s chill and enjoy each unequal terms and conditions that we face as fleeting things that are meant to be swiped away like flies hovering around us. We can still appreciate the scenery and company that we have along the way. Enjoy!


Busay Waterfalls at Malilipot in Albay, Philippines

Yes, there were plenty of flies at this waterfall area but that’s not going to stop us from enjoying it 🙂

Unequal Terms – DP


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