Counting Voices

A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?

3… because it’s my favourite number. Really but that’s not the real reason. I have had outings with friends and found that 3 seems to work well in conversations as all seems to be equally engaged. When one person talks, the other two would listen and one would respond while the other either agree or disagree or add in another two cents worth. The productivity seems to work at optimum level. There will be good rhythm in allowing some time for one to think while another continues the conversation and take turns.

4 is good too but it usually turns out that pairing would take place in conversations especially when one pair gets really engrossed in a topic with the other two in limbo and choose either to wait it out or start another conversation with each other. Unless the topic was so hot that everyone would be engrossed in exchange of words simultaneously… what a ruckus!

5… might as well organise a conference.

Counting Voices – DP


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