The Great Divide

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

If I were to trace my preference for fun reading in my teens, it would be fiction as it was a form of escape from the `real world’. I would choose mostly those that have comic illustrations with Peanuts being my all time favourite. When I read the newspapers, I recalled turning to the comics section before anything else. Even with the Reader’s Digest, I would look for the Jokes or Quotable Quotes sections before and in between reading of any articles.

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As I grew older, what was termed as serious books (non-fiction) became my main `diet’ as I enjoyed learning and it has helped me in my personal development in many ways and I am grateful. More recently, as I embarked on my first Bachelor’s degree course over a year ago and having to read numerous materials (non-fiction), I felt the line between fiction and non-fiction has become thinner or perhaps, has faded.

Look at a recent DP on Overload Alert on how we are all inundated with all sorts of information from various sources, and we end up relying and perhaps embracing them all at the expense of losing ourselves. The media is seeking our attention either to take one side or the other or to believe in their cause. Books, magazines, newspapers, films, television and the world wide web surround us with information 360 degrees and 24/7. We need to be able to sieve out what is real and what is false, when there’s so much grey in all the content we are receiving.

So, what is my preference now…..

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Daily Prompt – The Great Divide


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  1. You still like comics. Probably one of the best choices 🙂 I have written along the same lines about information overload. With so many choices of what to read online it can be overwhelming. Much of what is online is tabloid. So it does take time to sort through it all to find sources of information that are worthwhile and not frivolous.

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