Delayed Contact

How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?

This is really an interesting Daily Prompt as I have never ventured to look at my family this way. I shall address those whom I am close with as only then it would be possible to answer the question. I don’t need to guess or say maybe too many times.

My sister is such a nice person and if I meet her for the first time today, I would like her straightaway and want to be her close friend although she is six years older. If she has something interesting happening or had happened that day, she will be eager to talk or share about it in a very animated and excitable way that is so infectious, you will surely laugh along with her.

My mom is 81 years old and if I meet her for the first time today, I would feel sad for her thin frame and constant talking about her ailments. I would be able to listen to her well through the day even if she go on and on about all her pain and ailments. I would give encouragement, say comforting words and advise her to exercise or eat more to strengthen her bones and add weight to her frail body. This may last perhaps a day or two but it has been weeks, months, years and more than a decade.

My dad would be 87 but he died ten years ago. If I meet him for the first time today, I would like him instantly. He loved to crack jokes and make people, young or old, laugh. His constant smile and cheerfulness will draw me to be in his company or follow him wherever he goes, like the `Pied Piper’. He loved animals especially birds and dogs. Even children were drawn to him as he loved to play with them and give out candies or small change to make them happy. My dad was the hero of the family, deeply loved and cherished by his children, grandchildren and many others who know him well.

I can only end by saying, “Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful family. I am richly blessed and deeply grateful.”