Ready, Set, Done

I started the day trying to organise my blog settings and managed to get rid of a photo that kept appearing on my tabs and at sites where my postings were shared. It was not a photo that I liked and it looked more suited for an obituary. Yes, it sounds morbid but that’s how I feel when I see that photo appearing beside my shared blog post. I have changed the gravatar and profile pic and even deleted it from every media file I know. After two days of fiddling and experimenting, it was finally removed.

The daily prompt before this was just posted on my Facebook page but horror of horrors! The same photo appeared again. Aaargh! I shall give this a rest until tomorrow and then try again. Perhaps it will take time for that photo to be finally cleared from cyberspace. The rest of the places like the tabs and profile pic icons have already been replaced with a new one. I shall see how it will turn out tomorrow when I share a post on Facebook again.


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