Sunset at Donsol, Philippines

Sunset at Donsol, Philippines

Glorious end of a day of sun, sand and sea…

This was the best photo of a trip to Donsol, Legaspi and Cebu, Philippines in May 2014. There were many other beautiful photos but I picked this as my favourite. It was my first trip to this part of the Philippines. Donsol and Legaspi were more rustic in comparison to Cebu city which reminded me of the Manila I visited over two decades ago.

The highlight of the trip was at Donsol and Legaspi where most of the sightseeing took place. Donsol is famous for whale shark and diving tours and Legaspi, for their historical and volcano (Mt Mayon) tours. These were small provincial towns so if you plan to stay, you need to fill it with activities or you may be bored as the towns have nothing much to offer for shopping or food options.

To sum up, it was a relaxing, enjoyable and at times challenging trip chasing the elusive whale sharks, exploring ancient buildings and trekking up a volcano with the help of an ATV (all terrain vehicle). Cebu City was more remembered for shopping and food due to their large malls.